ada_kaleena (ada_kaleena) wrote in computertalk,

Linksys Router problems with Actiontec Modem?

I have internet from AT&T (not U-verse) and was using a silver Motorola modem with a Linksys WRT120N router until my modem broke down and I had to get a replacement. The new modem I got is an Actiontec GT701D. I resetted my router and installed my new modem, but the wireless from the router doesn't work anymore. The way I have everything connected is that I have both my modem and router connected to my desktop. I had to use the PPPoE setting for my modem and my router is currently using the DHCP setting. I'm able to access the internet from my desktop, but I can't use the wireless internet from my laptop or iPod. Router firmware is 1.0.07 and modem firmware is

When I check the connections on my laptop & iPod I do see the connection SSID from my router, but I am unable to connect to it. I'm also able to see the properties of both my modem and router when I type in the IP addresses into my desktop (so both are being recognized from my desktop). Anyone have any ideas about getting my wireless back? Thanks.
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