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Error 1327

Okay guys, I need some assistance!

My son's computer has Mozilla Firefox on it. It keeps giving me an error that I have plugins that are out of date. When I try to update them, it won't let me. I tried doing an uninstall and reinstall with Firefox thinking the version update would fix the problem. Finally, it gave me a "Error 1327 Invalid Driver G:/" message. I googled it and it pretty much told me I have registry error problems (which could explain a lot of the other issues it's having such as slow performance, not able to uninstall programs, etc). I tried using some "free" registry scanner/fixer programs, but of course I have to "register" them to do the fix. The "registry" page is WOT (for firefox) BAD so I'm thinking it's a bad program/scam (isn't most free? lol).

So...I'm hoping someone here will have an easy, free way of fixing my problem. There were other "fixes" like going in the CMDR for each install but since I have several plugins to update, that seems like a pain in the ass. I'd really like a quick, easy permanent fix.

Anyone know how to fix this? Please? Help!
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