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Need help!

I've tried googling my problem, but I'm not coming up with an answer so I'm hoping someone can help. About 4-5 days ago I noticed my McAfee Security Center kept randomly creating a shortcut on my desktop. I'm totally OCD about my desktop and don't like any shortcuts on there. (I just pin them to the task bar, it's cleaner) I certainly didn't create it or put it there and I know a lot of time when software updates, it will create a new desktop icon (iTunes is a prime example). Usually I just delete it and empty my trash and all is well. Well, no matter how many times I keep deleting it, it comes back! Usually on a computer reboot but it is now just popping up randomly, without even running the software. I'm at my whits end, I even did a system restore to a few days ago thinking the problem was with an update but it's not helping. What could possibly be causing this? And better yet, how do I fix it?!?!

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