tjgoldstein (tjgoldstein) wrote in computertalk,

computer refuses to load a particular site?

Hi all,

My desktop computer, as of tonight, is now refusing to load a particular site, Kickass Torrents... however, I've been a frequent visitor to the site over the past 6 months so am very confused as to why it's suddenly decided I can't see the site?

It doesn't matter if I click on a saved link, do a google search and click on a link the search provides or even type it in... all I get is a white page showing nothing. I've tried both Mozilla Firefox and IE, both updated versions. I've tried restarting the computer a few times and even restarting the modem but to no avail.

Whats very annoying is that I can access the site without problems via my netbook on the same internet connection?

It's such a weird problem that I don't even know where to begin?

Thanks to everyone who helps :)

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